Hydrogen Generators

Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators eliminate the need for expensive, dangerous, high pressure cylinders of hydrogen in the laboratory. It is no longer necessary to interrupt important analyses to change cylinders.  Generator flow capacities of up to 1200 cc/min. of ultra-high purity hydrogen are available.  Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators are compact benchtop instruments designed for use in the laboratory or in the field.

Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators offer many special features to ensure safe and convenient operation. These features include low-water audible alarms to indicate when the water reservoir needs filling and automatic shutdown to protect expensive laboratory equipment.

Hydrogen Generators for Fuel and Carrier Gas

Models H2PD-150, H2PD-300, H2-500NA, H2-800NA, H2PEMPD - all models
Hydrogen Purity:  99.99999+%
Oxygen Content:  < .01 ppm
Moisture Content: < 1.0 ppm

Flow Rates in cc/min:
H2PD-150: | H2PD-300: 300
H2-500NA: 500 | H2-800NA: 800
H2PEMPD-150: 510 | H2PEMPD-650: 650 | H2PEMPD-850: 850
H2PEMPD-1100: 1100 | H2PEMPD 1300

Palladium included on all models

Hydrogen Generators for Fuel Gas
Models H2PEM-100, H2PEM-165, H2PEM-260, H2PEM-510,
Purity:  99.9995% | Delivery Pressure:  5-100 psig +/- 0.5 psig

Models H2PEMPD-510, H2PEMPD-650, H2PEMPD-850,
H2PEMPD-1100, H2PEMPD-1300
Purity: 99.99999+% | Delivery Pressure: 100 or 175 psig

Flow Rates in cc/min
H2PEM-100: 100 | H2PEM-165: 165 | H2PEM-260: 260 | H2PEM-510: 510
H2PEMPD-150: 510 | H2PEMPD-650: 650 | H2PEMPD-850: 850
H2PEMPD-1100: 1100 | H2PEMPD 1300

Palladium included:  Only on the H2PEMPD
Desiccant included on all models

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Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory
  • Produce a continuous or on-demand supply of 99.9995% to 99.99999+% pure hydrogen gas
  • Compact and reliable - one one square foot of bench space required
  • Designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Certified for laboratory use by CSA, UL, IEC 1010, and CE Mark
  • Safe - produces only as much gas as you need


  • Fuel and carrier gas for GCs
  • Reaction gas for ELCDs
  • Reagent gas for AEDs

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