Laboratory Gas Generators
Laboratory Gas Generators

Ultra Dry Gas Generator

Ultra Dry Gas GeneratorThe Parker Balston Ultra Dry Gas Generator provides ultra-dry, purified compressed air at -100°F (-73°C) dewpoint to analytical instruments. Each system is delivered ready for easy installation and includes a high efficiency prefiltration system, automatic drains, a 0.01 micron final filter, moisture indicator, and pretested controls. Installation consists of simply connecting a standard compressed air supply to the dryer inlet port and connecting the dryer outlet port to your instrument.

Features and Benefits:

  • Supplies ultra-dry purified compressed air to NMR Spectrometers and other analytical instruments
  • Ideal gas supply for spindle and automatic sample charger
  • Completely eliminates costly, inconvenient nitrogen dewars
  • Compact design
  • Completely automatic
Model: UDA-300
Flow: UP TO 720 SCFH
Outlet Pressure: 60 TO 125 PSIG
Gas Generated: Dry-Air
Compressor: No
Application: NMR, Emissions Analyzer, Dry Boxes

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